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The Black Cat(Felicia Hardy) is a superheroine and ex-girlfriend of Spider-Man.

Character Background Edit

Felicia's father was a criminal.She trained in martial arts and acrobatics and followed in her father's footsteps and became a criminal.She donned the Black Cat costume and saved her fatherfrom prison but was met by Spider-man.Unfortunately,her father died and she faked her death then reappeared.Felicia then considered herself in love with Spider-Man.After being released from prison from the previous crimes comitted,she teamed up with Spider-Man.

Powers and abilities Edit

Felicia has no super-human powers,although she has the reflexes,agility and stamina of an Olympics athlete.She wears earings thet enhance her agility,and gloves that give her more strength.

In LEGO Spider-Man The Series Edit

In Lego Spider-Man The Series,she helps Spidey defeat Sandman in episode 18.She is a new character and has only just appeared.She is voiced by Alex Watson.


The Black Cat

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